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Helping you get a job abroad so you can start working & living in a place where you feel the happiest.

As someone who always wanted to live & work abroad since I was young, I know how precious your dream is. 

But getting a job abroad can be *seriously* hard (unless you know the tricks & techniques - that I got me jobs in tech sales in
5 countries) ... and can stop you from achieving the goal you deserve & desire. 

😌 Maybe you aren't sure where to find employers that are open to hiring talent overseas 
😌 Maybe you aren't sure what jobs to apply even though you know that have so much to offer
😌 Maybe you aren't sure if this dream is possible to achieve... maybe you're doubting yourself
😌 Or maybe you're saying... hmm all the above! 

And whether you're nodding your head at one point or all? I want you to know I've got you. I'm so glad that you found me and want to let you know that you're in the right place. 

Because I can help you overcome your international job search struggles with my expertise and get your dream job abroad with confidence. 

You've been dreaming of living & working abroad. And now it's time to pursue your dream before it's too late.... but there is just one problem.

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Consultation + 1:1 services

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Get instant access to the 75+ resources including videos, workbooks, and templates (resume, cover letter, portfolio, interview Q&A,) that teach you how to get a higher-paying job abroad in 90 days with the most up-to-date global job market insights and trends.


Services + Solutions

This Cohort is an entire international job search solution where a small international group of global talent gathers every week on Zoom with me to learn and execute to get a job abroad at the end of the cohort.
It opens 2-3 times a year. Put your name on the waitlist, and you'll be the first one to hear when it opens. 

Looking for a job abroad brings a lot of emotional roller coaster because it's so different from getting a job in your home country and requires different strategies. You & I will work together 1:1 to get your outcome faster than you expect. 

I'm so happy that you're here. 

I was born and raised in South Korea, and have lived in
5 countries - South Korea, Sweden, Singapore, The Netherlands, and Canada. I'm currently based in Toronto, Canada but most of the times a year, I travel around the world and enjoy the location-independent lifestyle. 

If you're looking for a great job opportunity abroad to grow your career globally and/or enjoy the freedom of living anywhere in the world where your heart desires,
you're in the right place. 

Now... keen to hear my story? πŸ˜‰


"Thank you a thousand times over for your kindness, your responsiveness and your unconditional support. You know your job so well. You immediately identified my profile and highlighted my strengths and qualities. Thanks to you, and your valuable support in just two months, I'm off to England to start my first dream job! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 
- Communication Specialist from France

"You were there from start to finish, understanding everything that was at stake in my job search in England"

"I really have to thank you for all the help throughout this process to get a job in the Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±, both mentally and technically, just literally everything."

"Lucy's genuine care, attention to detail, and determination have been truly inspiring. She has helped me a lot during my career exploration, and I highly recommend her services without hesitation." - PR & Digital Marketing Manager from Hong Kong

"I just got a letter from my employer, my visa in Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ is approved! Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. I've said it many times but I just want to say again - I couldn't have done it without you!! - SEO Specialist from Taiwan

"I could not have done it without you!!"

"Love listening to this.So many inspiring stories!"

On this podcast, I interview successful & ambitious expats who pursued their dreams of living abroad as well as expat entrepreneurs including tech startup founders to share their expat life and career journeys. Self-made expats with Lucy Jeon podcast has listeners from 50+ countries and was ranked as Top 50 Careers Apple Podcast in 12 countries including Singapore, The Netherlands, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Japan, The Philippines, South Africa, Colombia, New Zealand, and Hungry. Also, ranked as Top 100 Careers Apple Podcast in Canada. 

the podcast where you hear successful expats & expat entREPRENEURS stories

Self-made Expats
with Lucy Jeon

Top 50 Apple
Careers Podcast 



listEners from 50+ countries

The life you are dreaming of is just around the corner...

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