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That's a great question and one I am glad you asked. πŸ˜‰

For the past 10 years while I was working in tech sales across 5 countries, the number 1 questions that I was asked by my friends was

"Lucy, how can you get a job that easily? Every single time, you get a job offer within 1 month no matter where you're looking for a job! Is it that easy?!"

While I was looking for jobs abroad, so many people have told me that finding a job abroad is difficult and I need X,Y, and Z, but deep down, I knew that it is possible. Because at the end of the day, companies want to hire someone great who can add value to the team, and as long as I can prove that I possess that skills and expertise that they are looking for, no matter where I come from and no matter whether I have or don't have X,Y, and Z, I knew that I'm not dreaming something impossible.

And this strong belief of mine led me to transitioned from journalism and hospitality to tech and work for various types of tech companies (tech startups in Series A, B, D, a unicorn company that went to IPO, and a Fortune Global 500 company, etc.) while competing local candidates. Plus I have experience with working for a company as a full time employee on-site, hybrid, and fully remote as well as fully remote contract role. 

And since 2021 August, I've been working with 100+ clients and students from 25+ countries to help them get jobs abroad with visa sponsorship and fully remote jobs in 90 days and I've seen some of them got jobs in North America, Europe, and Asia in 30, 60, and 90 days which truly makes me fulfilled in my job. 

Plus, at the end of the day, we're "selling ourselves" to employers overseas which require sales, negotiation, and storytelling skills. Working in tech sales for 10+ years of selling different types of decision makers including C-level executives helped me gain strong first-hand experience and knowledge in these areas which are essential when looking for jobs abroad with visa sponsorship and remote jobs. 

I'd be honored to support you to shortcut, stand out, and success in your global job search journey so you can get a job in your dream country and enjoy the lifestyle that you always dreamed of. 

So, why should you trust me to be your visa-sponsored & remote job search expert?

to sum it up:

After working in the journalism (fashion magazine - Elle) and the hospitality (Airline - Qantas) industries, I got my first job at a tech company (HQ in the US) in Singapore. This was my first time working in tech, and I LOVED it. After a year, I moved to another tech company and continued my tech sales career in Singapore. Living & working in Singapore is hands down one of the best experiences in my life! 

My first time working abroad in Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 

I always knew that Singapore was my stepping stone to moving to North America or Europe. After living in Singapore, I intuitively knew that it was time for a new adventure and here I was - in Amsterdam! I worked in another tech company there handling the English-speaking market in Europe and then moved back to South Korea to continue working in tech sales. 

Working in the Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡± & South Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Eventually, I needed to decide on one specific country where I could see myself living for a long time (immigration). I was deciding between Canada and Australia, and travelled to both countries to do some vibe check and finally made a decision to move to Canada. 🍁 Here as well, I continued to grow my career in tech sales and I worked for North American market.

Moving to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ & Continuing working in tech

In 2021, as all of us did, I also went through a lot of self-reflection & self-awareness (& I came across Ikigai). Annnd realized that if there is one thing that I would regret not trying would be... starting my own business that truly matters to me. That's how I started my online business to help global talent get amazing job opportunities abroad so that we all can live happier in a place where we feel the happiest.

Starting my business to follow my passion & mission ✨

I know that you want to get a job abroad - whether it's to grow your career internationally, earn more money, or enjoy the life abroad that you desire - and I can tell you with full confidence that working abroad is such a rewarding experience in so many ways - both professionally & personally. 

But you can't get a job abroad with visa sponsorship or a fully remote job if employers don't know you exist or why they need to hire you overseas. #fact

And since you're reading this today, I know not only that you are looking for some help but also, I know this... 

You have an ambition in your career and life. And you have goals that you want to achieve and you know that you'll be much happier abroad *no matter what* others say. 

I get it, wholeheartedly. Because that was me 10 years ago. And I'm here to help you make that a reality. 

My skills, experience, passion, and *proven strategies* and solutions? Are all yours. 

From on-demand course, all year round support in the group cohort, all the way through 1:1 support sessions, I'm here to help you get your dream job abroad just in 90 days. 

OH AND PS: I am also here to do it in the most efficient way by providing personalized feedback whichever and getting a job abroad will be seriously easier than you probably ever thought possible too.  

An encouraging message from me to you

see the solutions

This is what I stand for. What drives me. And what makes up the core of how I do what I do. 

This is what I stand for. 

I've gained the expertise from both my first-hand experience of getting jobs in 5 countries and through my 100+ clients/students from 25+ countries.

With my passion for global hiring, I'm proud of most up-to-date knowledge in global job market across the globe. 


Your success is my success and this is why whichever option you choose to work with me, you'll get personalized feedback from me directly.

I believe in meeting you exactly where you are today and I value offering tailored solutions because I'm committed to your success and the desired outcome. 



My signature method has successfully helped me and my clients/students get amazing jobs abroad with visa sponsorship and fully remote jobs. 

These are not just a theory, but the *proven* methods specifically designed for global talent to get jobs abroad with HUGE impact + income. 

Sometimes it's so easy to forget about how amazing you are. Your skills, experiences, and personality are a catch, and companies that get to hire you are lucky to have you. 

This confidence that we have in ourselves show in every step of the job search process - from application to salary negotiation. And I'm here to guide you through the process. 


I love nature. It's probably one of the reasons why I chose Canada to immigrate to. Love long walks while enjoying looking around nature. Love oceans, beaches, mountains, trees, and all kinds of beautiful nature that we sometimes forget how lucky we are to be surrounded by. 

I love arts. I used to dance (hip hop, jazz funk, jazz) and absolutely loved going to dance studios and dance with other dancers. It brought me such a joy. I was also a singer in a band in university. 

PS - favorite songs to dance with?
any Rihanna & Britney songs :p

My interest in different cultures made me love travelling and learning foreign languages. I enjoy trying local cuisines and finding places where locals go. I also try to speak local languages as much as I possibly can. 

PS - favorite destinations? Chiangmai, Paris, Copenhagen

I love listening to podcasts from self-development to comedy. You will find me listening to podcasts in the kitchen, gym, and during my morning walks. 

PS - My all time  favorite? Time Ferris Show. 

I also LOVE...

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