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On the Expat Focus Podcast, I talked about the top countries hiring remotely today, and the various ways you could go about sustaining a location-independent life. 

Expat Focus


"Where to find remote work in 2024 to achieve location independence"


On the Meet the Expats podcast, I shared my journey abroad from Singapore, all the way over to Canada. We dive into culture shocks even close to home, the different expectations that come with every move. 

Meet the Expats

"Meet Lucy: making her way to Canada" 

In this interview, we dive into the world of entrepreneurship, fully remote work opportunities, and how to become a digital nomad. Get to know about more about me and my journey as an entrepreneur and my startup, HeyGlobally. 

Blockchain Founders Association


Founder Insights: Lucy Jeon's Startup Revolutionizes Remote Job Transitions

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