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Ep. #16. 15+ years of journey as an expat in Sydney & Hong Kong – Alastair Mclntyre

April 24, 2024


In this episode, I interviewed Alastair Mclntyre, the president and the CEO of Altiplano Metals in Canada. Alastair was born in Glasgow, Scotland and his family moved to Canada when he was young. After the university, he started his career as a geologist, and then later in his career, he transitioned to business roles and held various leadership roles focusing on leveraging risk, value creation, and deal execution. While working for Scotia Bank for 12+ years, he had great opportunities to work abroad in Sydney and Hong Kong and he shared with us a lot of interesting stories. I’m sure his stories and tips will be helpful, especially for those who are thinking of moving to a new country with family or for those who are thinking of moving to a country with a completely different culture. Enjoy the episode and thank you for listening!

After listening to this episode, you will be able to learn:

  • How Alastair’s journey as an expat in Sydney and Hong Kong
  • The important lessons that he learned after living abroad for 15+ years
  • How he started his career as a geologist and later transitioned to business roles

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