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Ep. #31. Chile to Austria to Spain – Gabriela Encina, the licensed Psychologist

April 24, 2024


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Hey Dreamers!

To honor the mental health awareness month, in this episode, I interviewed Gabriela Encina, a licensed psychologist who specializes in helping expat women discover themselves and their happiness in a new country.

Gabriela was born and raised in Chile, and after working in Chile for 10 years, she moved to Austria and lived there for 8 years. In 2017, she moved to Spain and she’s based in Valencia, Spain.

Gabriela brings 20+ years of experience as a psychologist she has helped more than 300 expat women from all around the world. If you’re an expat woman, an immigrant, and a newcomer in a new country, I am certain you’ll resonate with many things that we discussed in this episode. Please enjoy!


00:00 – 11:16 Gabriela’s journey living in Austria and Spain as an expat woman

11:17 – 57:09 Gabriela’s experience as a psychologist and her advice to expat women

Gabriela’s website

Gabriela’s Instagram (@gabriela.encina.psychologist)

Connect Gabriela on LinkedIn

We talked about some of the most common challenges that we expat women face when we’re living in a new country as a newcomer such as:

  • Identity crisis
  • Language barrier and culture shock
  • Economical, emotional, and social dependency on our partner
  • Loneliness

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